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Mine and Victinishine97's Fan Fiction
12-23-2011, 11:37 PM (This post was last modified: 12-23-2011 11:54 PM by Mad_About_Skitty.)
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Mine and Victinishine97's Fan Fiction
Hey their! So me and Victini got bored and like began writing (well she did, Im carrying on with her work whilst she revises -.-) Its like 12+ because their is some action but I dont know whether you might class it as Gory or not. And if you want to say how amazing it is or improvements then PM me.

Hidden Truths (yes thats the title >.>)

Chapter One: Preparation
Delcatty was sitting at her dressing table. She sighed and looked in the mirror as her daughter, Skitty, combed through her hair. "Darling, don't brush so hard, I don't want to be bald." Delcatty said in a posh tone. "I'm sorry mother, my thoughts were elsewhere." In fact Skitty was thinking of the midnight ball that was being held at the King's castle. Skitty didn't want to go, but her mother wanted to meet the king and hopefully marry him. Skitty sighed. Her mother never acted like this. "Well stop thinking and go make yourself look beautiful! I have heard the king has a son, maybe you will get lucky." said Delcatty.
"Mom! I am not interested okay?" Skitty stuttered.
But Skitty was hiding a secret, for she was in love. She shuddered at the thought of his name. It wasn't a bad shudder, but the shudder of pleasure. She loved him. Skitty had met a Growlithe a few weeks ago. Skitty fell in love as soon as she saw him, but realised he was a part of Team Darkness. There are two teams fighting for victory. Team Darkness and Team Freedom.
Skitty, of course, was part of Freedom because Delcatty knew that if Skitty interacted with any of Darkness then that would result to a war. Going back to reality, Skitty went out of the room to go to her dressing room where her friend, Glameow was waiting. "My mother thinks the King is going to pick her to be his queen." Glameow boasted. "I know the feeling, so does my mom." Skitty mumbled. Glameow was in shock at her tone. She wanted to be a part of the Kings family to meet his son... "Well okay then, wear this bow you might get noticed!" Glameow cheered. Skitty looked in the mirror. She was tall, for a Skitty, and her fur wasn't the normal pink colour. It was red and her eyes were a brilliant blue. Glameow placed the pink bow on her head and stepped back. Glameow placed a red bow on her head and said. "Their! We both look beautiful."
Chapter Two: On the way to the Ball.
Glameow left the room, saying that her Mother, Purugly, was calling her. Skitty was left alone and she felt like running away. She walked to the window, just as Delcatty walked in the door.
“Are you ready to go? And what was you doing near the window?” Delcatty asked. “Well never mind, let’s go.” Skitty looked frantically at the window, but gave up and walked out the room without a backward glance. Delcatty and Skitty walked out of the door and Delcatty locked the Burrow up. They walked down the little dirt track and Skitty could see the castle from where they were. She immediately felt slightly nervous. Delcatty realised that she had stopped and walked to where she was standing. “Honey, come on! We haven’t got all day you know.” She joked. Delcatty started walking again and Skitty followed her. As they were walking Skitty noticed an egg on the side of the path. She stopped to look, unaware that her mother was carrying on. “Mom! I found this egg, can I keep it please?” Skitty asked. Delcatty turned around and noticed a huge Seviper behind Skitty. Delcatty ran towards Skitty screaming “Skitty move out of the wa-“But she stopped and let out a massive hyper beam. The Seviper didn’t see it coming and got a full blow to the chest. Skitty could hear the bones crunching and she winced. She ran to her mother hearing a menacing voice saying “You kill one Seviper and the rest of them come for you!” Delcatty and Skitty with her egg ran for their lives. Skitty noticed a Pidgeot in the sky. Skitty let out a wail and Delcatty turned around hoping her daughter weren’t hurt. Delcatty realised what Skitty was doing and let out a wail much higher then Skitty’s. The Pidgeot heard them and flew down to greet them. “Fellow citizens, what can I help you with?” He asked. Delcatty was still in shock so Skitty talked. “Please could you take us to the castle, a herd of Seviper are after us!” Skitty was gasping for air because she glanced around and thought she saw something in the shadows. “Of course I can, hop on! And that egg looks peculiar; I’ve never seen anything like it before.” Pidgeot stated. Skitty grabbed hold of the egg tight and ushered Delcatty on. Pidgeot batted its big wings and leaped off the ground. As they were flying, Skitty could see a lot of Sevipers glaring into the sky.
Chapter Three: Abnormal Happenings.
They were soaring over a giant chasm. Skitty looked up to the sky helplessly clinging on to both the egg and to Pidgeot. As she looked up, the sky appeared to break up into a million pieces leaving only a bright light. Skitty looked away quickly, almost getting blinded by it. She glanced at Delcatty and Pidgeot, they hadn't realised anything abnormal. Maybe it’s just me, thought Skitty. She saw a shadowy figure in front of the blinding light. It boomed "Turn around Skitty, the castle isn't safe!" She shuddered as a cold wind passed and the sky turned back to normal. Was that the God of all Pokémon? Was that Arceus? Up until then Skitty hadn't realised that they were circling the castle. Pidgeot lowered and landed in front of the drawbridge. "You girls are safe now okay?" He said. And with that he leapt away flying towards the horizon. Nervousness was everywhere in Skitty. She looked down the drawbridge. A massive horde of Scizor was planning something; they look like bodyguards Skitty thought. And Delcatty leaded Skitty across the drawbridge and through the front door. Skitty saw a glimpse in the water, what was it?
Delcatty turned to Skitty grabbed her by the paw and lead her through the majestic hall. Always self absorbed Delcatty thought to herself. Skitty was glancing round this Mamoswine of a castle. Skitty and Delcatty were being lead by a Ponyta that had a fiery blue mane. Skitty thought, weren’t fire Pokémon usually part of Team Darkness? The Ponyta stopped at a colossal door and whimpered "Please go through, have a nice time." The doors opened with a flash and the Ponyta galloped down the corridor to the main entrance. How weird, thought Skitty.
Delcatty glanced at the party and back to Skitty and gestured for her to go in. "Fine let’s get this party over and done with." Sneered Skitty.
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12-24-2011, 02:34 AM (This post was last modified: 12-24-2011 02:50 AM by victinishine97.)
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RE: Mine and Victinishine97's Fan Fiction
(Sidenote: Skitty is busy so I will take over for a bit)
Chapter Four: Meeting the King.
There weren’t that many Pokémon in the hall. Skitty saw that there were some Bellosoms playing the harps. Also their was an Alomomola singing smoothly. But what really stood out was, at the back of the hall. A massive throne with an elegant Persian sitting on it. Next to this Persian was a Meowth who looked really bored. Skitty realised that this Persian must be the King of Freedom. Meowth kept on staring at Skitty as if to say hello but always when Skitty looked back, he would just blush and turn away. Skitty felt mad at first, but after a few more minutes deliberating about it, she realised he must be just as nervous as she was. Skitty noticed that Purugly, Glameow’s Mom, waltzed up too the king and talked for a while. Glameow was trying to get Meowth’s attention, but by the look on his face, it was obvious that he wasn’t interested. The king looked bored as well. Delcatty dragged Skitty up to the king and spoke in a posh tone. “Oh my king, finally we meet.” She said. Persian lifted his head to see who was talking to him; he hoped it wasn’t Purugly again. But he was in shock; he had never seen a Pokémon so beautiful. He was dumbfounded. He stuttered “Madam, welcome to my humble home.” Delcatty fluttered her long eyelashes and bowed. “I am pleased to be here your majesty. This is my daughter, Skitty.” She gestured to Skitty. Persian nodded and gestured to his son. “It is a pleasure to have you here, meet my son, Meowth.” He said. Meowth hadn’t moved so Persian put his paw behind his head and moved him forward. “Oh hi. Nice meeting you.” Meowth mumbled. Persian began to speak but was interrupted by a massive bang. The door leading to the hall crumbled down as one of the Scizors rushed in. “Your Majesty! Attack from overhead!” He boomed. This voice reminded Skitty of the voice that had spoke to her earlier. Persian’s eyes glared like fire. He rushed over to his throne and turned the painting behind him into a spy machine. Meowth clipped an ear piece into his ear and began talking high speed. Skitty was afraid. Delcatty knew she had to keep her daughter safe. A massive boom hit the ceiling of the hall and two Scizors carried both Delcatty and Skitty downstairs to a little basement. Skitty shuddered at the coldness. Their were Pokémon cries everywhere. Scizors were fighting Hydreigons, and it sounded like the Hydreigons were winning. As Skitty got up to turn the light on she noticed that all of the Pokémon from the hall were their. The Bellosoms were huddled together in the corner, the Alomomola was in the little fountain humming and what shocked Skitty the most was that the Ponyta from the entrance was sitting on the floor sniffing. Skitty walked over to the Ponyta and sat next to him. “This is my entire fault you know.” He explained. “You see, I ran away from my father.” Skitty waited and gazed in shock. “I once was part of Team Darkness, but I guess you could say, I’m just a wasted one.” He carried on. Skitty looked confused. “I don’t understand. How are you ‘wasted’?” She asked. “My father was a great Pokémon -till I knew what he did as a living-and he understood everything. But one night I heard him talking to the King of Darkness, saying that he was going to kill my mother. I ran away then without him knowing and I ran with tears falling down my face, knowing that there was good in me.” Ponyta said. Skitty had a lot on her mind; too many questions to ask. “What did your father do as a living? Who is the King of Darkness?” She asked. Ponyta looked afraid. “My father was a secret assassin, who was employed by the King. The King would tell my father who to kill and he did. Course, my father, looked like a nice Rapidash till he got you cornered or prisoned you.” He began. “And as for the King...” Ponyta looked out of the window. “He lives in that castle over their, he is Mightyena!” Skitty was in shock, she remembered when her mother told her stories of when she was a young Skitty. Her mother had once told her that when she was a little Skitty, that she met a Poochyena. This happened way before Team Darkness and Team Freedom. Was this same Poochyena now the king of Team Darkness?
(Character change! Mightyena is main character now if you havent guessed)
Chapter Five: Revenge.
Mightyena was staring out of the window. He longed to be out their, to fight his enemy. Mightyena turned away from the window and looked up at the ceiling. A dead Zangoose was spread out on the ceiling and Mightyena called “Having fun up their pretty boy?” He then cackled. The door to his lair opened and a jet black Flareon entered. Her body was black and her ruffs were white as snow; her eyes blazed like fire. “Master, I have news that the egg is at their castle.” She said in a monotone voice. Mightyena stopped with a piercing glare. “THEY HAVE THE EGG?” he screamed. Flareon didn’t even flinch. “Yes master, apparently this egg is being held captive by him.” She snarled. Mightyena scratched the floor hard enough to leave a dent. “Why is no-one doing anything then? You silly fool! Go get the Mandibuzz’s ready for flight!” He yelled. Flareon nodded, but didn’t move. Mightyena was fuming, he ran up too Flareon and swiped her with a Shadow Claw, but she dodged it neatly, hissed and left the room. Mightyena didn’t feel guilty about what he did. He was going to scream for his top spy, Zoroark but out of no-where she appeared, sitting on his throne. She growled playfully and Mightyena rolled his eyes. “Zoroark, you always fascinate me when it comes to tricks like that.” He said. “Why thank you, your Darkness. The Mandibuzz’s have been let out and they are on there way to his castle. Houndoom is getting the entire Houndours ready too.” She said. Mightyena looked delighted he wanted this so much; to rule the entire world, no Team Freedom. “Course.” She carried on. “Doesn’t help when Houndoom has gone missing...” She trailed off. Mightyena slowly turned to Zoroark. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” He boomed. Zoroark’s eyes went all pale then, she got up and walked over to Mightyena. “Your Darkness, he went off to Plume Volcano this morning and hasn’t been seen since.” She said sadly. Mightyena didn’t look fooled. “Why the hell did he go to Plume Volcano for?” he shouted. “He said something about finding Heatran or something like that.” She explained with a grin. Mightyena suddenly became happy. He opened his window and screamed, “FALL BACK WE HAVE A BETTER OPTION!!!” He turned round to find Flareon and Zoroark standing silently. Flareon was shaking her head. “Master, there has been an eruption on Plume Volcano!” She growled. “Sir, so far we haven’t heard anything from Houndoom but the fact that the Volcano has erupted....” She trailed off, lost in thought. Mightyena knew what Zoroark was on about. If the Volcano has erupted then that means Heatran must be awake, Mightyena thought. “I just hope Houndoom is okay.” Zoroark said and with that she wrapped her arms around herself and sat on the floor. Flareon nodded as if in agreement with Zoroark, and sat down without speaking. Mightyena looked out of the back window of the castle, and noticed how bad the Volcano was erupting. He hoped that Houndoom came back alive with Heatran, the legendary fire Pokémon!
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12-25-2011, 04:05 AM
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RE: Mine and Victinishine97's Fan Fiction
A few spelling errors here and there. It was good, but if you spent mor time developing the characters and the story it would be more enjoyable. Not to mention when the whole chapter's put into one giant lump it makes it difficult to read sometimes.
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