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10-20-2011, 07:07 AM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2011 07:14 AM by Wifi Master.)
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Welcome to my site!Here are our wonderful rules.

1. No Spamming! (If you spam once, warning. If you spam twice, you will be banned.)

2. No Swearing! (There are young members on this forum.)

3. Do not ask to be Staff!! (We will pick those who deserve the position.)

5 . Advertising: You may only advertise other websites and forums in your signature. No where else.

6. Be patient! This means wait for Approval/Answers on Posts/Questions. We try our best.

7. No Flamming! Flamming is down right mean, and very immature. You will be banned for flamming!

8. Respect other members and their opinions. Everyone is different, so no need to be dis-respectful. You will receive a warning, then you will be banned.

9. This is a Pokemon forum for all ages, make your posts reflect that.

10. Posts need to have at least 4 words. If they are less, the post may be deleted and a Warning will be given. Adding 'filler' words is spam.

11. No reviving old threads. Ask a Moderator/Staff first before posting in an old thread. An old thread is considered so when the last Post was 30 + Days ago.

12. Do not start or continue arguments. Simply tell a Mod/Staff.

13. If you need a thread locked, or need something added to a locked thread, tell a Mod.

If you have any suggestions for rules, please consult a Moderator/Staff.

Failure to follow any and all of of these rules may result in a Temporary/Permanent Ban.

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