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Favourite model - PyroElectric - 02-13-2012 05:29 AM

I've been noticing that this board hasn't been used yet, so I thought I'd try to get some activity started on here. So, what's your favourite DS model? I'm not sure what mine is yet. I like the DS Lite for the Advance game slot (did the original DS have it as well, the Lite version was my first?), but the DSi and 3DS have better home screens and a browser. I'm not too bothered about them not having it, though, because I still use my DS Lite, so it's between the DSi and the 3DS. I suppose my favourite would have to be the 3DS, because of the 3D games, 3D home screen and the ability to take 3D photos with the 2 cameras on the back, but I wish the stylus still went in the side instead of next to the game slot.

Please post when you vote, because, like I said, I'm trying to start some activity on this board. Yes, I know there are other boards that haven't had any activity yet, but I've not thought of anything to post on them yet.

RE: Favourite model - victinishine97 - 02-13-2012 06:51 PM

I picked the 3DS because of all the 3d stuff. I did have all the other ones up there.. And Dsi was probably 2nd place. I just like that you can still play non 3D games on it. But in my opinion they could do better with the games. I bought the nintendogs+cats and after 4-5 days I got bored. I've heard Pokemon rumble blast is good but I'm not going to buy it. Last thing is sometimes if I have the 3D on it hurts my eyes...

RE: Favourite model - pokemonfriend000 - 02-13-2012 07:30 PM

ds lite all the way
its small and has the biggest battery time(apparently)

RE: Favourite model - Username - 02-15-2012 11:37 AM

They all have their perks. NDS - Has GBA slot, DS Lite - GBA slot/screen brightness changing, DSi - Hatena/Web/Camera/''apps''/etc, DSi XL - Same as DSi/Bigger screen, 3DS - 3D/Same as DSi/exclusive games. I'm sure I've forgotten stuff :I