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Full Version: Pokemon 2012?
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What do you think Pokemon Inc. will make for 2012? New pokemon? What to you think? Discuss it here!
They will probably make a third for the black white games then I think they should make a Pokemon rainbow that has all the games in it but they probably won't
I hope they do what Pokemonfriend said! That would be amazing. And this Pokemon rainbow can trade with 4th gen games and 5th gen games. And you can go on aeroplanes and go underwater. And shiny pokemon appear more often in the wild. And you get to pick from all the starters, all the rivals, all the gym leaders and all the elite four. I want this badly I don't care how much it will be I will buy it Big Grin
Yeah that would be coolSmile
It would be cool but I don't think they will make that because of u cant trade 5 and 4th gen. I think there would be Pokemon Grey. Like diamond pearl and platinum version.
Pokemon grey sounds soooo boring though. Pokemon chrome or Pokemon ying&yang sounds better
nah pokemon wouldnt make a game called pokemon 'chrome' or pokemon 'grey' it just sound not like them
I just hope that in the new game they have got new eeveelutions! I wouldnt mind seeing a pre-evolution of Zangoose and Seviper cuz that would be cool
yeah that would be coolSmile
Right this moment actually Im trying to draw Zangoose's pre-evolution.. I was thinking maybe Zangy? pronounced ZAN-JY? And for Seviper, how about Seveera or Seveena? And how they evolve is by Zangy and Seveera/Seveena having a battle together..
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