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Full Version: Signature Problems
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Not a troubleshooting problem...more of an annoying one. Why is the image prohibitation on signatures set to two :/

Normally there would be no problems with this but what if it's a collection of very tiny images we want to insert into the signature.

Not to mention you kind of defeat the purpose of it being the user's signature. If it got outrageous I'd understand limitizing but would it really be a problem to change the image allowance to indefinite or at least allow the insertion of between 15 and 20 url

Speaking of I'm sure there's a limitation on text in the signature. Can that be extended too. If multiple direct links are used then you'll be stopped from that but none of that wording will ACTUALLY show up in your physical signature so there's no harm in extending that too?
Since I caught delete posts. After racking my brain through editors I was able to put this signature together :3
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