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Full Version: Tornament please:)
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can we have a new year Tornament please cause I really bored at this time of year and I think that we need one if we have a section about it
If you agree/disagree or neither then please vote cause I ready want someone to battle.
Sorry about the thumbs down I accidently pressed it my bad

~Fixed to thumbs up
Tournament? if its on 5th then i cant take part.. Well i can but i just meed to level everyone up to 100 which will take ages. But i like the idea.
Yeh I'm not sure which gen but maybe we can have one for both...
Now i'm interested Smile
Don't you need to trade your Pokemon up a bit before you could battle someone?
Yes but I have the lucky egg so it wont take as long..
Do you want me to do some for you cause I gr8 at doing stuff like that(I do it with all my low level shiny and train them up to lv100)?
If you wouldnt mind. Nearly all the bug pokemon i will be sending you will be level 1.. If you could evolve them as well then that would be great Smile
How many are there?
6 or 5 bug pokemon.. And then theirs the rest of my pokemon -.-
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