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Full Version: Diamond or pearl?
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What do you like best diamond or pearl?
Totally diamond diamond was awesome.
Diamond! (cuz Dialga is AWESOME)
Again I had pearl but sold it cuz it wouldnt let me trade..
Dialga is a beast and he looks like a Steel horse with a bit of dragon which is basically his type.. :L
You have got to vote you can't just say stuff!!!
I have voted Confused
ok sorry i didnt check the results
by the way diamond rocksSmile
By the Way if you want to read Mine and Victini's Fan Fiction its on Pokemon story tales
i have victini pm it to me on pokebay
She needs to stop revising.. I mean I know her Science exam is in January but still.. She hasnt even had a break and now she's giving me a horrible look Sad What a meanie
i know its in january and its christmas
shes also not replying to my messagesSad
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