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Full Version: Ss or hg?
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What's better soul silver or heart gold?
Personally I prefer ss but what do you prefer
Soul Silver because Lugia is cute :3
Mainly cuz of the different pokemon as well.
You can get Skarmory on SS which is cool.
I was stupid and bought HG but sold it and bought White and Platinum.
I say both cause you can catch both legendarys and both have good graphics.
You have to vote!!!
Both too cuz you can walk round with pokemon :3 Walking round with Ho-oh behind ya is great O.O
No If i dont want to i dont have to.
good point but still thats kind of the point
Perhaps if you had the option ''Both'' on your poll he would vote. I'd have to say both were about equal, because you could catch Ho-oh and Lugia in either.
Hmm I kind of think Soul Silver, Diamond, and other games as such are for name sake. Like all of my friends say why did you buy should have bought SoulSilver. Which I think is silly. I bought Heart/Gold because I think they made it easier to get all of the pokemon I use for my main team. SoulSilver I think it's possible to do the same but not as fast. Not to mention I wanted to go outside of notion that I was gonna purchase SoulSilver too.
i might be able to redo the poll to do both as an option
ok i have just tried and i cant do it so you are just going to say and not vote or vote for your fav/best one
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