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Full Version: [4THGEN] Pokemon Shop!
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Hiya Skitty here!
Just like to say that I dont really care what you give back to me cuz its okay.
Anyway I have:
other awesome pokemon!
The legends that I have:
Shiny Entei, Level 100
Regirock, level 40
TRU Arceus, level 100
Mesprit, level 100
Giratina, level 100
Dialga, level 70
NEW Celebi, level 100
NEW Palkia, level 100
NEW Heatran, level 100
NEW Regigigas level 100
Froslass, level 100 (N/A but I can still get you one)
Syther, level 1 (same as above)
Rapidash, level 100 (^^)
Manetric, level 100 (^^)
Bastiodon, level 100 (^^)
Skarmory, level 42 (^^)
Flareon, level 100
Ditto, level 33
NEW Umbreon, level 100
NEW Venusaur, level 32
NEW Steelix, level 33
NEW Vulpix, level 1
NEW Typhlosion, level 37
NEW Dragonair, level 42
NEW Growlithe, level 15
Starters that I can get:
Piplup (I can get you normal or shiny)
Turtwig (^^ same)
And I have a lot more normal pokemon so just post on here and I can get it you without any fuss!
FC: 0819-7291-6691
Name: Victini
I live in England by the way Smile
It's on my next post
I edited this
Ok can I have the Shiny froslass, the shiny Syther, shiny rapidash , shiny manetric,shiny bastiodon,the shiny skarmory, shiny piplup and the shiny turtwig please,
I have a load of shiny eevees and evoltion and a shiny milotic and every legendary Pokemon and every starter
Oh and sorry about my previous post I think I might have clicked the post button on the iPad
Sure you can! And a shiny milotic would be nice! And to everyone else I can get copies or clones of these pokemon if someone else wants them.
D you want me to give you legendarys for the shop in the trade?
If you want. I do like your Latios if your willing to part with it
Not quite yet
But I can give you one level 100 but it won't know Draco metor
Yeah Im not really a big fan on draco meteor so it dont matter.
Ok cool
Cause it's 4th gen were going to have to do it in 2 seperate trades
What legendarys do you want apart from the Latias?
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